IM Watu Kobese On Racism

In an interview with Peter Doggers on, IM Watu Kobese shares his experience on racism..

“I remember like it was yesterday.¬†We were in the white part of the train, me and my father. A white man, who was with his family including two kids of my age, confronted us. He said: ‘You’re in the wrong place, you should not be here.’

“When the other kids of my team came in, he saw that we were wearing the same uniform. He got a bit confused, but when everyone was sitting down he chose to sit next to us. I remember that every time I was trying to talk with my father, he was hitting the compartment wall with his elbow, trying to make our journey as uncomfortable as possible.”

He further shares another back in the days when black and white people could not swim together … [read full story here]

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