Fischer to Langfish: An Insight

“If you can’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help them build theirs”. We all want to achieve our dreams, but life comes up with unexpected events sometimes. Mostly we end up settling for what is there on the table.

Langutani Lucas Nyamandi, a Bachelor of Radiography graduate is one of the Public’s choice in Limpopo. He is known for his kind and the creative content he produces to his fans across social media. The main content he produces is chess live streams on his YouTube Channel.

I had an opportunity to ask him about his chess activities and a little about his book, titled Rating.

When did you start playing chess? I played in high school (2006-2010) with a friend of mine, nothing serious though. I remember losing 48 games at a showground once in 2004. I’ve been in the game for a while but I was very weak. I became a serious chess player in 2016 but my friends will argue that I’m still weak now but they have underestimated me greatly and I’ll just make them eat their words.

Is Chess South Africa investing in the youth? I think Chess South Africa invests in youth more than us grown-ups, which is a very good thing. But if these kids don’t do well on the board we will be there to teach them a lesson.

Your top achievement as a player? The University Sports South Africa (USSA) is up there. In 2017 I participated in my first and only USSA tournament and got two medals. Gold and Bronze respectively.

Your top achievement as a tournament organizer? I’m not much of an organizer, but Patzers think I’m good at it so I make sure not to disappoint. But if I had to choose a tourney I’d say the Elim Blitz 2019. It doesn’t get better than CM Keith Khumalo, FM Joseph Mwale and Mfundo Masiya for a Limpopo tourney.

You recently wrote a book titled ‘RATING’. What motivated? I try to crack jokes most of the time. I wanted to be funny when I wrote the book. It’s based on a true story but I wanted to get a younger audience to start reading books. I think I’m a pretty good storyteller so I think a story that took 3 years to write will be epic. Why the name RATING? I’m in love with rating, the way it goes up and down makes my head hurt but I love the word rating in general.

RATING – Strength, Knowledge and Creativity

In the past years, Langutani Lucas Nyamandi hosted and sponsored numerous tournaments including the recent one, Limpopo Knockout 2020 where the best 8 players battled. Most of these tournaments were streamed live on his social media.

You can follow him on social media, Langfish 25 in all accounts.

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