To : Members of Chess South Africa; Provinces Districts (Regions); National and Provincial Schools Chess Association; Clubs and Individuals.

I am writing this communication as President of Chess South Africa to clarify the wrong information which is circulating about the selection of South African Team for the 2020 Online FIDE Olympiad. There is an illegitimate and fake selection document purporting to be a Chess SA selection document. In the first place the Chess SA EXBO and I distance ourselves from the so-called selection document which requires players to recognize a certain “board of Chess SA” as the legitimate board. This is really absurd and nonsensical to say the least. How and when do players legitimize a board? A Chess SA board is legitimized by the election process within Chess SA, not players. Because writers of the so-called selection document know that they are not legitimate and were not properly elected if they ever where, that is why they want to resort to these desperate measures to gain recognition.

The so-called board purported to have been elected on the 10 January 2020 is illegal and therefore the selection they are trying to do is also illegal.

The fact is, FIDE recognizes the Chess SA Executive Board which I lead (see FIDE website) AND they sent me login details to register the Online Olympiad team from South Africa to me as President of Chess South Africa. We want to assure every player and everyone involved in chess that we are not going to use this responsibility recklessly by threatening players. Every player will be treated with respect and utmost fairness. NO PLAYER WILL BE DISCRIMINATED AGAISNT OR FORCED TO RECOGNISE US BEFORE THEY ARE SELECTED OR REGISTREDFOR ONLINE FIDEOLYMPIAD!

If my interest was to force everyone to recognize me and the Chess SA Executive Board I lead, i would use this to threaten or “blackmail” players by saying that those who do not recognise our Executive Board I’ll not register them for the Olympiad. Knowing the importance of players, without whom there is no Chess South Africa or Executive Board,
the Executive Board and I will not stoop so low and do that because we know we are legitimate. We have been elected by more than 7 members of Chess SA (ix provinces + players commission) in a properly convened and constituted Chess SA meeting.

Our focus is to assist the players and administrators to participate in any international and national chess events without prejudice.

Regarding the selection of the SA Team for the 2020 Online FIDE Olympiad we, as Chess SA EXBO, are busy consulting with top players to finalize the selection. Since FIDE entrusted us with the responsibility to register the team, we are going to register the team by the closing date of 13 July 2020. No player should be threaten with exclusion, but every player should also not disregard the due process we are following to consult and finally select the team. It is the product of this process that will give us the team we are going to register, come 13 July 2020.

I want to take this time and opportunity to urge and encourage all the players to focus and not to fear any repression by anyone. As such they should freely distance themselves from the so-called selection document because it is fake and does not represent the official position of Chess SA.

Thank you

Mr. Joe Mahomole
President: Executive Board of Chess South Africa
Email: president@chesssouthafrica.co.za
Mobile number: +27 72 828 1063 / +27 71 4759660

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