Checkmate Coronavirus

Chess South Africa participated in the FIDE Checkmate Coronavirus Project in effort to help national government to combat COVID-19 and stopping the spread of the virus. The goal of the Project is was to encourage chess players of all levels to stay safe playing chess, promoting the principles of unity and solidarity.

The Project is the series of online tournaments held on different online chess platforms during the one-month period from 25 May 2020  – 12 JUNE 2020.  The Project was open for everybody.

Taking part in the tournaments, each player gains “raffle tickets” which enable him/her to participate in prize giving raffles. The player’s results in the tournaments (final place and number of points scored) are irrelevant for raffle purposes. One of the winners of a major prize was from South Africa, Farisani “Khomisani” Khosa, who won a trip to the 2021 World Chess Olympiad.

A Total of 1,726 titled players from at least 114 countries participated in the Checkmate Coronavirus tournaments.  There was an average of 136 players per day from South Africa who participated in the project.

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