KZN Chess Academy Checkmating Hunger

KZN Chess Academy is a FIDE certified Academy and registered non-profit organization (NPO) established in 2014. They are based in KwaZulu Natal and their mission is to teach, promote and develop chess mainly in the underprivileged communities in KwaZulu Natal and surrounding areas.

Mr. Erick Takawira said that the KZN Chess Academy started the Checkmate Hunger Project to uplift communities by helping to provide in a basic human need (Food).  Their vision with the project Checkmate Hunger is to defeat hunger in the communities.  The Academy indicated that, just like in chess, they have to coordinate their efforts to deliver the ultimate victory. 

The project is currently in its 1st phase and the Academy identified various chess families and orphanages that will be benefitting from the project.

Local businesses and the chess community have been very generous in sponsoring the project. The Academy said: “We need help with non-perishable food items, such as rice, beans, canned foods, pasta, cooking oil, sugar, samp etc. and any assistance is greatly appreciated.”

Anyone who is interested in assisting the KZN Chess Academy with the “Checkmate Hunger” project may contact Erick on 073 434 8634 or Jeremiah on 082 744 5040 or email at 

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  1. Nice we must also teach the community to manage the little they have. e.g budgeting. i’ve learned to manage data cash and time management.

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