Online League

The 1st South African Online Chess League 2020 is sponsored by Vodacom and will be played on Saturdays at 15:00 on Lichess Platform.

Section A PrizesSection B Prizes
1st 10GB Vodacom Data x10
2nd 6GB Vodacom Data x10
3rd 4GB Vodacom Data x10
1st 6GB Vodacom Data x10
2nd 3GB Vodacom Data x10
3rd 1GB Vodacom Data x10
  • The three lowest placed teams in the A Section are relegated to the B Section.
  • The top three placed teams in the B Section are promoted to A Section.
  • The three lowest placed teams in B Section replaced by three new teams.

Standings after second leg

1st South African Online Chess League A 2020

TeamLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Total Pts.
1KZN Chess Arena4254584095801872
3Chess Limpopo4293653563271477
4Western Cape Chess-4513613311143
5Chess Power House274405433101121
6North West online chess team5332725668704
8Team Northern Cape A18915310881531
9OR Tambo Chess Players.14997432291
10Vosloorus Chess Development Academy7058-0128

1st South African Online Chess League B 2020

RankTeamLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Total Pts
1SBD Chess5424815546172194
2KZN Chess Arena4154603933781646
3SC gms3403402583001238
4Sunnyside Chess Club5611391912601151
5Team Northern Cape B241289214236980
6035 Chess Team12719211893530
7Team Patzers1517118673481
8Vosloorus Chess Development Academy78-0-78
9Don't Play e4-53--53
10Ambitious Maters RSA-0--0